Critical Thinking

Matching exercise

Match the definitions on the right to the sentences on the left.
It's a reliable source of information.
That seems like a reasonable solution to the problem.
She's very well-informed. She obviously knows her subject.
That seems like a plausible explanation.
Unfortunately, their business strategy was fatally flawed and they went bankrupt.
The article contains a number of misleading statements.
I'm sure there's a perfectly rational explanation.
Doctors nowadays are more open-minded about alternative medicine.
We need accurate information about the spread of the disease.
The media coverage during the election was biased.
that can be trusted or depended on
fair and sensible
having a lot of knowledge about something
having weakness or imperfection
designed to be deceptive
explained using facts and logic rather than emotion
willing to try new things or consider new ideas
correct in all details; exact
unfairly preferring one person or group over another