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Gap-fill exercise: Quantifiers & Food vocabulary

Fill in all the gaps with a suitable word, then press "Check" to check your answers. Please note that more than one answer may be possible. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!

A recipeDescribe a friend's diet What you ate yesterday
How to prepare BLT sandwich: First, take couple of of toast and put them in the toaster.
Then fry slice of bacon in teaspoon of olive oil. You can it to taste: just sprinkle salt and pepper.
Cut lettuce and slice small tomato.
Put everything in between the two of toast.
If you like meat, you can grill chicken breast and add it too.
Spread mayonaise as dressing, and enjoy your sandwich!
Jackson is my best friend. He is really sporty and has a healthy diet.
For breakfast, he usually has orange juice, piece of toast, and baked beans. At midday, he has two of fruit or yoghurt.
For lunch, he usually has mushroom soup and cake, but not much. At the weekend, he sometimes has roast beef with tablespoon of gravy sauce.
At teatime, he often drinks grapefuit juice -one or glasses -, and eats biscuits for a snack. As for dinner, he always orders takeaway food, because he doesn't have ready meals in his fridge.
He goes to the gym three times week, so he drinks lot of water. He drinks alcohol. I think my friend Jackson has healthy lifestyle.
Yesterday, I had cereal and a of tea for breakfast. I also had tomato juice and a of chocolate. I didn't eat bread because I couldn't find in my cupboard.
For lunch, I ate fruit salad and cake for dessert. I didn't have main course because I was at work.
At teatime, I finished work and had a of drinks with workmates. We ordered French fries with salt and vinegar.
When I got home, I made chicken soup and fried fish fingers. I drank can of cola, but I didn't have desserts, because I'm on a diet!