Phrasal verbs

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. When I go to a restaurant I always ask something low fat.
2. I often eat with friends at local restaurants.
3. Players usually warm before a match starts.
4. When we have an argument we always make quickly.
5. How do you get your brothers and sisters?
6. Take the camera to the shop and get your money .
7. I took some money of a cash point.
8. A German woman gave all her money to charity.
9. I organised a school reunion but nobody turned .
10. She works in an animal sanctuary. She looks apes.
11. We set early and caught the 6 AM train.
12. The plane took and soon I was looking down on London.
13. I picked my suitcase and followed the "Exit" signs.
14. A taxi picked me and took me to the airport.
15. I checked at the airport and got my boarding pass.
16. We were talking on the phone but suddenly she hung .
17. If he's not at home, I'll car later.
18. I think people should switch their mobiles in restaurants.
19. I tried to learn to dance salsa but I gave . I was terrible at it.
20. I want to take a water sport like scuba-diving.
21. If I like this course, I'll carry next year.
22. Bethany has written a book which is going to be made a film.
23. The Sunday Times decided to find if school is easier than it used to be.
24. The teacher told me to do the button of my shirt.
25. Carol's parents didn't like her boyfriend so they went together in secret.
26. After a year she broke with her boyfriend.
27. If you have something you never use, throw it .
28. Slow ! You're driving too fast.
29. I complained and the company tried to sort the problem.
30. Terry didn't see her sons grow . She was under house arrest.
31. Bill and Melinda Gates set a foundation to provide vaccinations.
32. You're very nervous. You need to calm .
33. I bumped an old friend in the street yesterday.
34. He was looking having dinner with his friends.
35. Look ! There's a car coming!
36. Her grandmother passed last years at the age of 93.
37. We can't go to a concert. It's sold .
38. Turn the TV. There's a programme I want to watch.
39. Turn the radio. It's too loud.
40. Where can I plug my computer?
41. Project managers should not carry project work; managing a project is enough.