1. no / enough
2. too many / too much
3. a lot of / a lot
4. few / little
5. How much / How many
6. Any / None
7. much / a lot of
8. enough time / time enough
9. any / no
10. plenty / many
11. A few / A Little
12. few / little
13. enough / too
14. few / little
15. too much / too
16. many / enough
17. any / no


Fill in all the gaps by choosing the correct answer, then press "Check" to check your answers.
LABOUR: After four years in government, what have you done? Look at the state of the country: there isn’t money for pensions, there’s unemployment, and children are failing at school.
TORY: Our problem is that we have had very time to repair the damage that your government did before us. people were happy with the Education system when you were in government? !
LABOUR: Nonsense! You don’t know what you’re doing! And people in your own party are now saying that, too. You say you haven’t had time? I say you don’t have ideas!
TORY: We have of ideas, and they’re working! years ago our economy was getting worse; not any more. We have very unemployment now, compared to when you were in government. The citizens of this country are intelligent to believe your ideas again.
LABOUR: Really? Well, I think very of them will be convinced by your arguments.
TORY: The problem is that your party spends time insulting the government, and not time thinking of new ideas.
SPEAKER: Thank you very much gentlemen, I’m afraid we have more time today…