Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!
Here are some sentences from reports of meetings. Put in the subjunctives of the following verbs:
be - clarify - consider - direct - not be - provide - put - realise - take on

1. The committee also recommended that the government the complicated rules regarding the supply of heat and energy.
2. May I suggest that the College its attention to providing adequate parking facilities?
3. The secretary insisted that the gentleman his name and address.
4. It is important that the public the danger and pressure on all governments to agree to large arms cuts.
5. We recommend that the subscription increased during the current year.
6. It is essential that the club extra staff for the Christmas period.
7. Do members consider it desirable that the Newsletter published online?
8. The Chairman asked that the committee his suggestion at the next meeting.
Write sentences using it's time you/he/etc.
You ought to change your shirt. - It's time you changed your shirt.
1. We ought to take a break. - .
2. You need to water the garden. - .
3. You should wash the car. - .
4. Jenny ought to get up. - .
5. We haven't been to the theatre for ages. - .
6. We need to clean the windows. - .
Rewrite the sentences using I'd rather we/you/etc.
'Will you buy the tickets?' 'You buy them.' - I'd rather you bought them.
'Lets' talk.' 'Tomorrow.' - .
'Shall I come at nine?' 'At ten.' - .
'I'll ask Henry.' 'No, don't.'- .
'I'll phone Jill tomorrow.' 'Tonight.' - .
'Let's play bridge.' 'Poker.' - .
'Let's speak English.' 'Spanish.' - .
Write the correct tense and put in a suitable word from the following:
election - estimate - expenditure - factory - form - pass - reservation - shares

1. If anyone stops / stopped / will stop you, show them this .
2. If you fill / filled in the last week, you don't / didn't need to do it again now.
3. I'll be really upset if the New Reactionary Party wins / will win the .
4. What will you do if the closes down / will close down ?
5. If I sell / will sell my car, it reduces / will reduce my a good deal.
6. If we buy / will buy in United Projects Ltd., will we make a lot of money?
7. We decide / will decide whether to repair the roof when we get / will get the builder's .
8. If Andy has / had forgotten to make a , we probably don't / won't get a table at the restaurant.
Put in the following verbs in the correct form (past tenses or would+infinitive):
bake - care about - convert - go sailing - join - not be - redecorate - tidy up

1. If I had more energy, I the garden.
2. If I could find the recipe, I you a beautiful cake.
3. I'd read more poetry if most of it so boring.
4. We the kitchen if we didn't disagree passionately about the colour.
5. If you really me, you would talk to me instead of watching football on TV.
6. If I were free on Saturdays, I at weekends.
7. If we the attic, it would make a nice playroom for the children.
8. Would you laugh at me if I the navy?