Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. She’s addicted coffee.
2. I’m afraid/frightened heights.
3. He’s very angry his son the party.
4. We’re bored doing this.
5. I’m fed up your complaining all the time.
6. The square was full tourists.
7. We were fascinated the exhibition.
8. She’s very fond her nephew.
9. He’s good/bad languages.
10. I’m hooked that programme.
11. She’s interested politics.
12. I’m not very keen fish; I prefer meat.
13. She’s mad that new pop group.
14. He’s married a Chinese woman.
15. They were very nice/kind us.
16. It’s very nice/kind you to help us.
17. He’s obsessed football.
18. I’m really pleased my new flat.
19. Your jacket is similar mine.
20. I’m sorry the weather, but it’s not my fault!
21. I’m tired doing the washing up. It’s your turn.
22. I’m worried the exam tomorrow.