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1. A house which is joined to another house on one side by a shared wall
3. Arrange or organise things that are not in order or are untidy
4. A platform on the outside of a building above ground level
5. A kitchen where the cupboards, cooker, etc, fit exactly into the space
6. a luxurious flat or set of rooms at the top of a tall building
7. tidy a room, cupboard, etc, and get rid of the things in it that you don't want any more.
9. A flat area next to a building where people can sit
11. A small wooden house, especially in a mountain area or a holiday camp
12. A small house, usually in the country
14. An area where people live outside the centre of a city


2. A bathroom that is directly connected to a bedroom
4. A house which has only one level and no stairs
8. A large house, usally used for holidays in Mediterranean countries
10. A room in a house which is used for reading, writing and studying
11. A room under a house that is used for storing things
13. Make a room or place tidy by putting things back in the place where you usually keep them