Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. I don’t agree you.
2. She accused him lying.
3. I’ve applied a new job.
4. He apologized arriving late.
5. I asked a cup of coffee.
6. We arrived Paris at 4PM.
7. She arrived the airport.
8. Do you believe UFO’s?
9. This house belongs my mum.
10. He borrowed some money his sister.
11. The course consists five days of practical classes.
12. The car crashed a tree.
13. Everything depends the weather.
14. We’re going to divide the house two flats.
15. Could you explain that me again?
16. Have you heard a composer called Chopin?
17. Have you heard your uncle recently?
18. She fell love an Italian boy.
19. I got London at 6AM.
20. What happened him in the end?
21. Don’t laugh me! It’s not funny.
22. Can you pay my coffee?
23. I prefer doing sport watching it.
24. The smell of candles reminds me Christmas.
25. Did you talk the boss your contract?
26. She’s going to specialize pediatrics.
27. I hope you succeed finding a job.
28. He’s suffering a broken heart.
29. I’m thinking going to Ireland this summer.
30. What do you think my new shoes?
31. What are you thinking ?
32. Her book has been translated 20 languages.
33. Don’t worry anything.