Present continuous or present simple?

Put the verbs in the present simple or present continuous, then press "Check" to check your answers.

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Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!

76-100 %  Excellent. You understand the difference between the present continuous and the present simple.
58-76 %   Quite good, but check the rules in your text book (p.132).
0-57 %     This is difficult for you. Read the rules in your text book (p.132). Do the exercise again at home.

1. - you anything at the moment? (do)
- No. I can help you if you like..
2. - What
you ? (do)
- I'm retired.
3. - Where
you ? (go)
- To the shopping centre.
4. -
you to the gym every day? (go)
- No, just Tuesdays and Fridays..
5. - What is the answer to question 7? (listen)
- Shh! I
to the teacher.
6. - When
you to music? (listen)
- In the car, when I'm driving home.
7. - What is all that noise?
- My neighbours
a party. (have)
8. -
you any brothers and sisters? (have)
- I have two brothers.
9. -
you a helmet when you drive your motorbike? (wear)
- Yes, I have to.
10. - Why
you your best clothes? (wear)
- I have a date with a girl I met at work..
11. - Where's your sister's husband?
- He
in the garden at the moment. (work)
12. - Where
you ? (work)
- In a hospital.