Simple past or Past continuous?

Fill in all the gaps with the verb in brackets in simple past or past progressive, then press "Check" to check your answers.
When I (do) the washing-up, I (drop) a plate.
While Tom (play) the piano, his mother (do) the washing-up.
He (drink) some juice and then he (eat) a few chips.
I (have) dinner when I suddenly (hear) a loud bang.
When my father (work) in the garden, an old friend (pass) by to see him.
She (go) to school, (take) out her textbook and (begin) to learn.
When it (start) to rain, our dog (want) to come inside.
When Jane (do) a language course in Ireland, she (visit) Blarney Castle.
When I (be) on my way home, I (see) an accident.
I (not understand) what they (talk) about.
When I (get) up yesterday, the sun (shine) .
It (be) a beautiful morning. So I (decide) to cycle around a little.
I (go) to the shed and (take) out my bike.
While I (cycle) past some villages, I (see) some people in their gardens.
One man (mow) the grass while his wife (pick) strawberries.
After one hour of cycling in sunshine, a big fat raincloud suddenly (appear) and it (start) to rain.
Luckily, a farmer (notice) me and (tell) me to come in.
While it (rain) outside, I (sit) in the farmer's house.
After a while, the sun (come) out again.
I (thank) the farmer for his hospitality and (move) on.
I (drive) my new car when I (have) the accident.
She (walk) down the street when she (trip) on the pavement.
They (not see) me because they (talk) to each other.
I (have) a shower so I (not hear) the phone.
We (walk) in the mountains when we (hear) a piercing scream.
They (have) so much fun at the party, they (decide) to stay.
When the teacher (arrive), they (play) in the back of the classroom.
While I (have) a drink in the cafe, I (see) an accident outside.
What (you/ do) when the telephone (ring)?
Why (you /run) when I (see) you the other day?
This time last week I (lie) on the beach.
I (have) a beautiful dream when the alarm (go) off.
When the teacher (arrive) all the students (stand) up.
He (see) the accident while he (walk) to work.
When the phone (ring), I (get) up to answer it.