Present Perfect

Put the verb into the correct form, present perfect or past simple.

Fill in all the gaps -please do not use contracted forms- then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!

1. It raining for a while, but now it's raining again. (stop)
2. The town is very different from now. It a lot. (change)
3. I did German at school, but I most of it now. (forget)
4. The police three people, but later they let them go. (arrest)
5. What do you think of my English? Do you think it ? (improve)
6. A: Are you still reading the paper?
B: No, I with it. You can have it. (finish)
7. I for a job as a tourist guide, but I wasn't succesful. (apply)
8. Where's my bike? It outside the house, but it's not there now. (be)
9. Look! There's an ambulance over there. There an accident. (be)
10. A: Have you heard about Ben? He his arm. (break)
B: Really? How that ? (happen)
A: He off a ladder. (fall)
11. I don't know where Lisa is. her? (you / see / her)
12. When I home last night (get), I very tired (be) and I straight to bed . (go)
13. A: painting the bedroom? (you / finish)
B: Not yet, I'll finish it tomorrow.
14. George very happy last week. (be)
15. Mr Clark in a bank for 15 years (work). Then he gave it up.
16. Molly lives in Dublin. She there all her life. (live)
17. A: (you / go) to the cinema last night?
B: Yes, but it a mistake. The film awful. (be)
18. My grandfather (die) before I was born. I him. (never / meet)
19. I don't know Carol's husband. I him. (never / meet)
20. A: Is Martin here? B: No, he out. (go)
B: When exactly out? (he / go) B: About then minutes ago.
21. A: Where do you live? B: In Boston.
A: How long there? (you / live) B: Five years.
A: Where before that? (you / live) B: In Chicago.
A: And how long in Chicago? (you / live) B: Two years.